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Irie Dread

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IRIE DREAD Anti-itch Scalp Spray (4 oz)
IRIE DREAD ANTI-ITCH SCALP SPRAY–reduces itchy scalps, dryness and hair breakage as locks & twit..
IRIE DREAD Creme Locking Wax (6 oz)
IRIE DREAD CREME LOCKING WAX designed to begin and maintain long lasting locks & twists without ..
IRIE DREAD Firm Locking Wax (6 oz)
IRIE DREAD FIRM LOCKING WAX designed especially for the hair that is wiry, and in need of a strong w..
IRIE DREAD Locking Gel (6 oz)
IRIE DREAD  LOCKING GEL designed to give long-lasting styles for those who prefer a gel rather ..
IRIE DREAD Locking Gel for Resistant Hair (6 oz)
IRIE DREAD LOCKING GEL for RESISTANT HAIR–to begin and maintain locks & twists especially for re..
IRIE DREAD Scalp Oil (8 oz)
IRIE DREAD SCALP OIL–helps soothe and soften the scalp as it helps strengthen and nourish the locks ..
IRIE DREAD Stimulating Shampoo (8 oz)
IRIE DREAD STIMULATING  SHAMPOO–made to (1) cleanses and hydrates the scalp before the locks &a..